Solar Panels in Northern Ireland

Even in Northern Ireland we can generate sufficient energy from daylight to power our homes for the entire year.
Solar Electricity Systems are now an affordable green alternative for us all.

With generous Government backed cash incentives, not only are Solar Electric Panels an environmentally ethical investment but also one which yields substantial and guaranteed returns on your investment.


Living in Northern Ireland it's easy to think that solar energy is not the most ideal form of renewable energy available however it is one of the most flexible, offering solar panels for both solar hot water and photovoltaic solar electricity cells.

This puts solar power in a special position when it comes to our challenge to achieve a sustainable lifestyle, with one of the biggest attractions that it can provide you with free electricity, as well as lessen the impact that rising electricity prices can have on your income. It can also reduce fuel poverty and have a really positive effect on customer satisfaction.

It is probably expected that every one of us will do our bit to ensure sustainable development for our future; you don't have to be green to know the long-term issues we all face.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are at the forefront of renewable energy generation across the globe, from small-scale domestic solar panel set-ups through to sprawling commercial solar panel installations the sun's rays are being harnessed to create free electricity.

Unlike traditional forms of electric generation, solar panels do not release carbon emissions. They also have very little impact on the environment as they do not deplete natural resources generate noise or produce any other form of pollution.

When it comes to solar panels in Northern Ireland there is an added incentive to investing in the technology – the ROC system (Renewable Obligation Certificates). The Northern Ireland Government has pledged to have 40% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020 and in order to make this ambition reality they have incentives in place. Part of this planning is the ROC scheme which will provide an incentive if you produce your own power through renewable means and you will earn money for every unit you generate, whether you use it yourself or sell it back to the energy supplier (NIE).

The ROC scheme guarantees earnings for 20 years at the current rate of £0.1224 pence per unit for generated units plus £0.0510 pence per unit that you sell back (export). The payments are tax free and payable for systems maturing up to 2037, furthermore you are making savings on the electricity units you don't have to buy and you will have future proofed yourself against the ever increasing energy prices!

All this makes solar panels not only an environmentally ethical investment but also one which will yield a high financial return with virtually zero risk.

a little about us

EcoTech Solar Solutions are a wholly owned Northern Ireland company.
The intrinsically linked electrical contracting division has been in business for over 60 years serving the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors in Northern Ireland.

With renewable technology seen as an emerging market it made sense to diversify. We gained a wealth of solar electrical installation experience assisting companies in England and Wales meet the UK feed-in-tariff cut off date on 12th December 2011.

We pride ourselves in our quality of workmanship and know that when we hand over your installation you will be pleased with the results.

That's why we are confident that we can stand over our workmanship for five years!

where we cover

Belfast, Northern Ireland Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
With offices and stores just south of Belfast we are ideally placed to service greater Belfast and beyond, naturally we install solar electric systems throughout the entire province.
On the scale of things Northern Ireland isn't a big place.

what we do

We are installers of renewable technology throughout Ireland
Our ethos is to promote solar energy as a secure, reliable, clean and affordable energy choice. Primarily this site is for the promotion of the solar electric panel aspect of our business, we do however cover a larger range of renewable technologies.

Free Hot Water Heat your water for free with your PV solar panels. The immerSUN monitors the electricity that is about to be exported to the grid and automatically directs any excess generated electricity not used by the house to the immersion heater in the hot water cylinder. If the load from the house increases, e.g. a washing machine is turned on, the immerSUN will reduce the amount sent to heat water. Download the brochure HERE

Solar Thermal Hot Water The other solar panel in the renewable range is solar thermal, these panels provide domestic hot water throughout the year of course the proviso is that the sun has to be shining. Having said that it is proven that solar thermal panels will provide around 60% of your annual hot water needs. More details are available from our corporate website, the link is on the contacts page.

Heat Pump Technology Heat pumps are very much an emerging force in the renewable sector, widely used globally they have a proven track record of low power usage against high power output. This is usually in the region of four to one, i.e. for every unit of electricity used they produce the equivalent of four units of energy. This is provided by heat exchanger technology much the same as your domestic refrigerator works only in reverse. Again this is covered on our corporate site, the link is on the contacts page.


From Concept To Completion

We provide the very best available technical and innovative solutions. When you sign with us, we bring all the pieces together; design, install, certification, etc. You won't have to do anything except sit back and watch. Our priority is to give the best possible service to all new and existing customers, from the design through to completion. All of this of course at the most competitive prices available.


EcoTech Solar Solutions are with you every step of the way.

  • • Solar Analysis

    We'll visit your property and perform a free solar analysis. Based on your requirements, your specification, usage and location, we will recommend a suitable solution within your budget and explain all financial aspects and expectations. EcoTech Solar Solutions operates a no hard Sell Policy.

  • • Application Process

    We take care of filing all required paperwork on your behalf. This includes:
    • Submission to MCS
    • Notifying NIE of your installation
    • Pre-complete meter & ROC application forms
    • Contract completion

    In short, we take care of everything.

  • • Project Construction

    We install typically within 2 to 4 weeks from order confirmation. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will carry out the construction process from installation through to grid connection.

  • • Real Time Monitoring

    We'll set up your local monitoring device to allow you to monitor the system for performance. Our engineers will always spend time with you to explain the functionality and operation of the entire system.

  • • Telephone and Email Support

    Our support doesn't end with the installation, we provide and ongoing telephone and email support for all our customers. We stand by our systems,they all come with full guarantees and warrantees.

A quality service

Accredited Installer Industry Guarantees Our membership of the main industry bodies MCS, RECC and NICEIC demonstrates our expertise and ability to deliver a quality service. This offers you the peace of mind in the knowledge that you are in the hands of a company who has demonstrated their competence in the industry.

Accreditation Bodies

MCS As an MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) Installer it demonstrates that we have met the high standards and regulations required by the MCS Installer Scheme. The MCS Accreditation mark is seen throughout the solar industry as a sign of a high quality installer who uses a high quality product. MCS is a mandatory requirement for consumers looking to access financial incentives and a prerequisite for commercial and social tender requirements.

RECC Choosing a competent and reliable contractor to install a Solar Technology System is a major hurdle for anyone who is interested in an Ecological Technology Solar Solution. As members of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code , we follow a code of practice which is endorsed by The Office of Fair Trading that protects the consumer.

NICEIC The NICEIC has been assessing the technical competence of Contractors for over 50 years. Their aim is to protect anyone who uses electricity from unsafe electrical installations, anywhere. As an NICEIC registered contractor we are re-assessed on a regular basis to ensure the high standards. Using an NICEIC approved contractor is your guarantee that you're dealing with a contractor who has demonstrated their competence in the industry.


solution showcase

Image Gallery Click this image for our gallery.
We are always adding to our image gallery, to check it out on our facebook page follow the link through this image.

Questions & Solutions FAQ's

Is my roof suitable? Almost any structurally sound roof or combination of roofs are suitable.

What direction does my roof need to be? Ideally your roof should be orientated on an axis of east through west, with due south being optimum.

What about the angle of my roof? The panels can be mounted from horizontal through to vertical however moving away from optimum angles affects yield.

Do I need planning permission?. In Northern Ireland, you don't need planning permission for most home solar electricity systems, as long as they're below a certain size - but you should check with your local planning officer, especially if your home is a listed building, or is in a conservation area or World Heritage Site. For commercial premises planning permission will usually be required.

Will they work in Northern Ireland and during the winter? Yes. Solar panel suppliers have enhanced the efficiency of solar power systems to the extent that it is now a very viable option even in cloudier climates. The important thing to bear in mind is that solar power depends on intensity of light, not necessarily direct sunlight. So even when it's overcast, your solar panels will be producing clean electricity to help power your home or business.

How much roof space do I need for a PV system? Our Solar Power systems produce about 150 watts of power for each square metre of roof surface. A typical 3 kW system will require 21 square metres of unobstructed area.

What size PV system will I need? The size of solar system you need depends on several factors such as how much electricity or hot water or space heat you use, the size of your roof and how much you're willing to invest.

What happens if PV panels are shaded? While some shading can be acceptable during certain times of the day (early morning and late afternoon), it is important to minimize the impact that shading from trees, nearby buildings, roof mechanicals and other factors.

How long do PV systems last? If a PV system is designed, installed and maintained well, it will operate for as many as 40 years. All solar modules we install carry a manufactures 25 year output warranty.

What happens if my system produces more electricity than I need? NIE will install and import / export meter, this dual metering allows all unused solar power generated by your PV system to be recorded it then flows back into the electric grid for the benefit of others in your community. NIE will purchase your excess solar electricity, directly offsetting costs that are incurred during times when consumption is higher than the PV system's production.

Commercial Solutions

We specialise in solar electrical systems up to 50kW.
We undertake work for both public and private sector organisations including: schools, churches, local councils, communities and business enterprises.

The pressure on business to reduce its costs and at the same time attend to the pressing environmental issues unique to these times is unrelenting. Now there is a way to simultaneously achieve both of these objectives and gain a cash incentive for doing so by turning to renewable energy.

By using renewable energy a businesses can save money and at the same time minimise their contribution to climate change from greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. The rising cost of fossil fuels and the generous financial incentives offered by the Northern Ireland government now make it increasingly cost-effective for businesses to use renewable energy.

Financial incentives

Renewable Obligation Certificates
Northern Ireland Renewable Obligation Certificates NIROC's provide generous financial support for low carbon electricity generation paying £0.1224 pence per kWh (unit of electricity) you generate. This guarantees payment for a twenty year period for every kilowatt hour of electricity you generate from renewable energy; this is regardless of if you use it yourself or it is exported.

Export tariffs
If you generate more electricity than you use you can sell the extra electricity back to Northern Ireland Electricity. The payments you receive for selling electricity are called export tariffs and these are currently at the rate of £0.0510 pence per kWh (unit of electricity) you generate. The money you get from the export tariff is in addition to any generation tariff payments you receive.

Every unit of electricity that is generated from a renewable energy system and used on site adds to further savings as this electricity does not have to be purchased from your electricity company.
Therefore the savings are threefold:

  • • NIROC tariff payments
  • • Export tariff payments
  • • Savings on existing energy cost

Interest-free loans
A range of grants and loans are available to help businesses switch to renewable energy. If you are a small or medium-sized business you can apply for an interest-free loan from the Carbon Trust to invest in renewable energy technology.

Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme
If you invest in certain renewable energy equipment you may qualify for tax breaks called enhanced capital allowances. If your installation does not qualify you may still be able to set the capital cost of the installation against profit at the year end and write off at 100% up to pre determined limits.

CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme
If your business is covered by the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (formerly the Carbon Reduction Commitment) you can claim credits for any electricity you generate. This means you can buy fewer allowances and save money.

A perfect solution for social housing providers, tackling fuel poverty
The development of photovoltaic (PV) technology really does offer some fantastic benefits for providers of social housing. As well as the much-needed income boost that investing in solar power can deliver for landlords, it also helps low-income families cope with rising fuel prices and as everyone knows, it's great for the environment, too. It isn't often that landlords are given the opportunity to make an attractive return on investment, but solar power does just that and is also a great way to help meet those increasingly demanding sustainability targets.

The use of renewable energy also offers a wide range of other benefits to businesses:

Earn money through the NIROC scheme, get paid for additional electricity you export and save on energy you use: Using renewable energy, particularly solar energy, is well suited to businesses as the energy is created during daylight hours when businesses usually operate, increasing energy savings.

Improving your environmental credentials strengthens your brand: customers, investors and other stakeholders increasingly want to deal with businesses which show that they are environmentally responsible.

A more secure energy supply: fossil fuels won't last forever and supply is increasingly dependent on imports from overseas. Renewable energy sources are naturally occurring and won't run out.

Exemption from paying duty under the climate change levy: this duty is a tax on the energy used by businesses.

Stable energy costs: gas and oil price rises are reflected in customer's energy bills. Renewable energy sources are not subject to the same price rises as fossil fuels.

Future proofing: renewable energy use will become more widespread, with legislation already placing targets for its use upon certain new developments. Switching sooner rather than later will give your business early experience of renewable energy.

EcoTech Solar Solutions are specialists in the installation and use of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, solar hot water heating and heat pump technology. We would be happy to carry out a no obligation detailed site survey to show you the potential of your site as an energy generating, cost saving location.

monitoring solutions

Remote Generation Monitor tracking your investment
All our solar PV systems can have a remote desktop monitor. With its large graphic display it shows a daily, weekly and monthly profiles, kW output, as well as total energy yield.

MCS approved products

As a MCS accredited installer we use only approved and certified products. We design each and every system to best suit your individual requirements, this enables us to mix and match across a broad range of products. It is a design feature of solar electric products that they have extensive product warranty periods with guaranteed performance outputs.

Design Choice

ImmerSUN hot water controller Leading the field in innovation the immerSUN delivers hot water from your surplus generated electricity. Make the best of your Solar PV system with the totally automated hot water controller with a 3 year warranty.

Hyundai Solar Panels Korean, Hyundai is a name synonymous with trust, reliability and performance. The all black solar panel is a favourite with Northern Ireland customers. 10 year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty.

Sharp Solar Panels Japan's Sharp Electrics Corporation, it's successful reputation and innovative development has made it the world's leading solar panel manufacture. 12 year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty.

Canadian Solar Panels Canadian Solar Inc. is one of the world's largest solar Companies. The all-black modules are a perfect choice for solar energy with an aesthetic value. 10 year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty.

Jetion Solar Panels Liechtenstein based Jetion founded in 2004, offer budget priced polycrystalline modules with Salt Mist Corrosion & Ammonia Resistance. 12 year product warranty and 25 year performance warranty.

Integrated Solar Electric Roof Tiles UK based Romag know that roof integrated PV is fast becoming a popular and cost effective solution for new build projects to maximise the benefit of free electricity. 10 year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty.

Solar Electric Roof Tiles and Slates Solar Electric Roof Tiles and Slates, fitted alongside traditional tiles and slates, designed for new buildings, re-roofing and refurbishment projects. 10 year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty.

SMA Inverters SMA, German based company and the world's largest manufacturer of solar inverters with over 3 gigawatts of inverters installed globally. 5 year standard warranty extendable to 10 years.

Power One inverters USA's Power-One, the world's second-largest inverter manufacturer. Efficiency is virtually flat from 30% through 100% of rated power that is as good as it gets! 10 year warranty standard, 15 and 20 years optional.

Fronius Inverters Fronius Inverters, an Austrian company trading over 60 years. Involved in creating new technologies and solutions for monitoring and controlling energy. 5 year standard warranty (extendable to 10,15 & 20 years).

Solar Panel Installations

We guarantee we will not be beaten on price on like for like solar PV systems.
We'll not only match our competitors quote, we'll also beat them by 20% of the difference!

We have compiled a guide to prices and estimated return on investment for a range of domestic systems.

We use only MCS certified equipment.

Commercial systems are beyond the scope of this pricing guide and will always require a site survey.


For the purpose of this illustration it is assumed that the installation will be on a single roof of sound structure and is a single or two story building that needs no specialist access equipment. The output figures are based upon the roof facing due south and at an angle of 35 degrees with no shading factors, an allowance has been made for 60% of the generated electricity for your own use however the more you use the more you will save.

Northern Ireland solar panel prices

System Size: The actual system size figure is determined by the selected solar panel.

Cost: Costs quoted are for budget range systems meeting the above criteria and are including VAT, no hidden charges!

Roof Area: The roof area is an approximate size, in reality this can be one roof or a combination of roofs.

Generated kWh (units): The calculation of estimated output for a given size of PV installation is calculated by the recommended SAP 2009 (standard assessment procedure) in combination with the Photovoltaic Geographical Information System (PVGIS).

ROC Payment: Northern Ireland Renewable Obligation Certificates NIROC's provide generous financial support for low carbon electricity generation, currently paying £0.1224 pence per kWh (unit of electricity) you generate. This guarantees payment for a twenty year period for every kilowatt hour of electricity you generate from renewable energy; this is regardless of if you use it yourself or it is exported.

Electricity Export: If you generate more electricity than you use you can sell the extra electricity back to Northern Ireland Electricity. The payments you receive for selling electricity are called export tariffs and these are currently at the rate of £0.0510 pence per kWh (unit of electricity) you generate. The money you get from the export tariff is in addition to any generation tariff payments you receive.

Savings: Every unit of electricity that is generated from a renewable energy system and used further adds to savings as this electricity does not have to be purchased from Power NI. The electricity purchase price used in our calculations is £0.1696 pence per unit, being Power NI's Home Energy Standard Rate.

Payments and Savings:
ROC Payments + Export Payments + Savings.

Payback Time: This is currently under 5 years with budget systems, it takes into account your purchase price, your payments and savings.

Potential Profit: After the system is paid off it continues to generate profits from ROC and export payments along with your increasing savings for the remainder of the 20 year term. This accumulating amount provides the overall potential profit of the system.

kg of CO2 saved: For 4.00kW systems this is estimated at over 35,000 kilograms of CO2 saved from polluting our atmosphere in just 20 years, the panels will continue to work on savings for many more years.

Statutory disclaimer: The performance of solar PV systems is impossible to predict with certainty due to the variability in the amount of solar radiation (sunlight) from location to location and from year to year. This estimate is based upon the Government's standard assessment procedure for energy rating of buildings (SAP) and is given as guidance only. It should not be considered as a guarantee of performance.


Contact Form

Contact Address

For Solar Panels Northern in Ireland EcoTech Solar Solutions Unit 22, City Business Park
Belfast, BT17 9HY.
Telephone: 028 9099 6697

Useful Links
This is the company corporate website offering many options for Ecological Technology Solar Solutions, if any other aspects of renewable technology interest you please pay us a visit.
Our aim is to facilitate, educate and advise public and private bodies on renewable energy.
Find out how you can be more energy efficient in your home, save money on your energy bills and get information on saving water and reducing household waste with the Energy Saving Trust.
The Carbon Trust: a not-for-profit company providing specialist support to help business & public sector cut carbon emissions, save energy & commercialise low carbon technologies.


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